Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy happy sad happy

When I see this face, I think "Life doesn't get any better. What a wonderful, sweet, happy boy. I think "How blessed am I to have so much happiness contained in one 30-lb sweet smelling little package."

...and then he gets a one minute time out for hitting mommy, and I get this face instead...

Can't you see the torture? Left all alone (2 ft from Mommy) in his bright and cheerful bedroom with a crate full of furry plush friends beside him and his favorite snuggly blankie in his lap? Yes, it's really, really awful.

He knew if he said "sorry" and gave me a hug, it would all be better and we would go right back to playing, but when I asked if he could say "sorry", he said "nope" and when I asked for a hug, he said "nope". We ended up doing three one-minute time outs and on the third one I wisened up, realizing he was not going to say "sorry" or hug me. Instead I hugged him and said "I know you're sorry for hitting me. That hurts me when you hit, and I really like it when you are nice and gentle. I love you. Let's go play". That seemed to do the trick. I wasn't forcing him to say something he wasn't ready to say and yet, got the point across and got back to good times quickly.

He was back to this face in no time flat!!

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Dreams and Designs said...

Sounds like you handled it great!!! Isn't it funny how young they learn to be so stubborn!