Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Brings My Favorite Things

This little turkey has had enough of the indoors. He was getting even more silly than usual and was cracking up at himself wearing Daddy's Harley stocking cap. It was time to take him outside. After all, it was a beautiful spring day.

He walked all around the yard, leaving a little baby boy trail in the crisp white snow. His canvas was endless... the world was his playground.

He quickly made his way to 'greener pastures', if you will. ...trekking across the snow until his feet felt the soft cushion of the grass.

His sidekick followed closely as they searched for the perfect place to take a rest.

Ahhh, this looks good! Yes, this is the best place there is...

Spring brings my favorite things... mud puddles and water to sit in, splash in, and thoroughly enjoy!

But wait, what's this? A bigger mud puddle? A messier mess? How can this be? I am in seventh heaven! What more does a little boy dream of...

So proud of these mucky boots!

Gotta give 5 stars to Target's Circo brand snowpants. After all of that mud puddle sitting, Gavin was 100% dry underneath those snowpants and boots.

What a fun day enjoying the many things springtime brings!


Big Sis said...

He looks like he ishaving so much fun just doing what he's doing. I'm so glad you let him explore his world in his own way, even though I know it creates a LOT more laundry. I could just smooch him.

Erin J said...

I love watching him explore the world. It is all new to him and it is all fascinating. It's so much fun to actually see him learning and figuring things out.