Monday, March 22, 2010

New, Red, and Shiny

I'm blogging from my brand spankin new computer (see pretty picture!)

So far, I really like it. Mostly just because it's new. It has Windows 7, which I've never used. It also has Microsoft 2007, which is different from the 2003 version I'm used to at work. It's pretty different from what I'm used to. Maybe I should have bought a Mac. I considered a Mac, but along with a signifiantly bigger price tag, it would have been very different from anything I've used before and I was worried about it taking me months to figure out how to use it. I guess I never considered that even a PC would be so different from what I'm used to. It's pretty different. But it's pretty. We'll see if it helps me to blog more, to write more, to edit and share more and better pictures, and to help record and preserve these memories that are so vivid in my mind tonight. Did I tell you it's Cherry Red?


Kat said...

The must not have had orange ;-)

Erin J said...

Very funny.

Yep, REAL funny.

...They didn't have orange :(

After I got the red, I saw that it came in shimmery moss green though and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that color, but I'd have to order it online because I can't get it in the store like that. AND then I wouldn't have it for two more weeks and I want it this weekend when I'm scrapbooking. The green IS awful pretty though!