Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love at First Sight...

I loved my new computer the moment I saw it. It was beautiful, red, shiny and new. When the choices were black, purple, and red, the obvious choice was red. I love red. I love red houses, red rain boots, red doors, red laundry rooms, red skirts, red flip flops, red mailboxes, and red toe polish. I love red. BUT I love green too. And when I saw just a day after I bought my new computer that it came in green... I fell right smack dab out of love with the red one. I'm not talking hunter green or forest green or grass green either. I'm talking metallic, shimmery, bright and funky JADE green. I'd call it something different... something like lemongrass or verbena or spring, but they call it Jade. It's somewhere between the color of my living room ("Edgy Gold") and the color of little G's room ("Corn Husk Green") with an edgy shine to it. So, what did I do? I marched straight back to that store and demanded that they take my red computer back and give me a green one instead. They said no. I stomped my feet. They gave me the green one.

Okay, okay, that's not actually how it happened. I hemmed and hawed for a week... I woke up dreaming about the green computer, but rationalized that it was just a color and my red one was great and that I loved the red one the day I bought it. I thought it would be impossible to try to "exchange" a computer that I had already loaded all of my software on and had been using for a week. But every day, I thought of that green computer. So, what did I do? I prepared to fight. I learned that you can't get the green one in the store. You can't even order it online and have it sent to the store. So, how on Earth was I going to convince Best Buy that they should let me return one to the store and buy a different one online. Afterall, this was technically a "used" computer I was wanting to return... and all because I liked the color of the green one better. I prepared to pull out the big guns and argue my way through exchanging my computer for a prettier one. I called Best Buy. They said, "Sure, no problem. I can order the green one for you right now and you can just drop the red one off at the store sometime this week."

What? Excuse me? You'll what?

So, my new best friend James at Best Buy gave me the green one and took back the red one simple as that. Of course, I was still within the 14-day satisfaction window. You have 14 days to return your computer to Best Buy if you like red, but really like green. I love you Best Buy. I love you James. Oh, and I also love Dave who sold us the best new tv. He was nice to Gavin, which sold me on him and the tv right away. Gavin liked him. Gavin even held his hand and walked with him from the tvs to the computers so he could find someone to help me pick out my computer. the red one. the red one that i returned. because there was a green one. oh lordy, I didn't check if there was an orange one. please tell me there isn't an orange one.

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jeanne said...

Just had to pop in and say 'hi'. It was fun to catch up on you and your family. I always enjoy your blog and pictures. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter. J :)