Monday, January 25, 2010

Perfect Birthday - COMMENTS NEEDED

Cliff's birthday is coming up in less than two months. His birthday is in March, on St. Patrick's day. I always struggle to know what to plan for his birthday. What do you do when it's 30 degrees, wet, icy, maybe snowy, but more than likely slushy? One year we left work at noon and I took him to a favorite neighborhood bar & grill not too far from our office for lunch and then headed to Minnehaha Park to see the frozen falls and hike along the river. The frozen falls were breathtaking, but there was too much ice & snow to hike anywhere along the river. The park's seafood restaurant was closed for the season and once we had taken a few pictures down by the falls, there wasn't much left to do but return to the car and head home.

He doesn't usually want a party for his birthday and prefers to have some guys over to play cards. So, aside from the two of us going out to dinner, we haven't done much as a couple to celebrate his day.

This is where you come in! I'd like your ideas. Just click on Comments (at the end of this post) and in the comments box, answer one or both of the two questions below. Then either sign in or choose Name/URL and just type in your name.

1) What was your best birthday & why?

2) What would be the perfect way to spend your birthday?

Maybe you'll inspire me to come up with a gread idea for celebrating Cliff's March birthday!


kristinrose24 said...

I think my best birthday was 22, when I was in Italy, and Jenny surprised me with a cake and a little party.

My ideal birthday now? An overnight stay at someplace other than my house, breakfast in bed, a visit to the spa for a haircut and mani/pedi, and watching (a) movie(s).

Somehow I don't think Cliff would enjoy that as much as I would.

Erin J said...

I'll make the suggestion. He could use a pedi!