Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our Big Boy

Our little boy is getting big. He is growing up and doing lots of big boy things.

Gavin started walking just before Christmas. He took five steps in a row on December 22nd, and by January 4th, he was walking all over the house. As of a week ago, he doesn't crawl at all anymore. He walks all the time and is really pretty good at it. Now, if only our dog would stop knocking him over! He stands up next to the dog and puts both hands on Drake's back and pats him. Drake loves it and starts wagging his tail. If you've ever seen a Golden Retriever wag his tail, you know that it's a whole body wag. It starts with his tail and then his hips begin to sway and before you know it, his head is swinging back & forth too. Gavin stands strong, closing his eyes and turning his head to protect himself from the enormous, hairy, swatting tail. Inevitably, he falls on his bottom and drake turns around and starts licking him and nuzzling him, wanting him to start patting him again. The two are good friends and Drake has even taught Gavin to chase our cat Moses around the house. Moses runs into our bedroom and hides under the bed and Gavin goes right in after him, laying down on our bedroom floor and "talking" to Moses under the bed until Moses finally sneaks out the other side of the bed and out of our room again.


Drake and Gavin - Best Buds

Gavin has been feeding himself with a fork and spoon for months, but is now really excellent at it. He eats everything we eat and we no longer have to buy any baby food. He LOVES citrus fruit like clementines, oranges, and grapefruits. He also loves fresh pineapple, cucumbers and tomatoes, cheese cubes, breakfast sausage, meatballs, and macaroni & cheese! I can't seem to get him to eat brussels sprouts though! We've tried them both grilled and steamed and they always get spit out.

Gavin often wants to do what we're doing. I think that will be helpful when it comes time for potty training, but it proved challenging when I was trying to cut out snowflakes with my nephew last weekend. I wasn't really very comfortable handing Gavin a scissors! When we're on the phone, Gavin will pick up another phone and walk around talking into the phone. It's pretty funny. Another thing that Gavin wants to do when we do it is brush his teeth! More power to him! He has even started helping with the laundry!

Gavin loves to brush his teeth - all eight of them!

Thanks to Gavin's cousin Dana, he can also now give you a "high-five!" and Cliff is working on teaching him how to raise his arms to celebrate a "touch-down!" Just in time for the big Vikings game on Sunday. Our little guy is growing up a little each day and although we sometimes miss those tiny little sweet-smelling toes and sleepy milk-induced comas from his days as a newborn, we are loving watching him grow and learn and we truly love experiencing his funny little personality develop! He tickles our toes when we're barefoot and he makes us smell his stinky toes before we put him in the bathtub. He's a little clown and makes us laugh every day.

Our little baby is already turning into a big boy and is barely over a year old.

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