Friday, May 15, 2009


I just have to share this little story because it still cracks me up when I think about it. Last night I'm in my bedroom taking down the Pack 'n' Play that Gavin has been sleeping in since we brought him home from the hospital SIX months ago. I decided that this would be a good weekend to move him to his own bedroom - more details on this later. So, I'm in my bedroom, Gavin is in his bedroom playing in the crib, and the cat and dog are wandering the house someplace, and I hear this big "Sploosh!" The only think I can think of is that Drake just threw up somewhere in the house. It was too much of a noise to be cat throw up and Gavin could only make such a splash if he was throwing up on a hard surface while being held up high. Since I knew he was in his crib, it couldn't have been him. So, I go racing through the dimly lit house, being extra careful not to step in a big puddle of dog puke, looking for the dog and the puddle. Drake was just lifting his head as if to say, "What are you all roused up about? I'm just layin' here mindin' my own business." There is a long string of twine laying on the floor in front of him and I think, "Okay, he was chewing on twine and started choking and then threw up." But, there was no puke puddle in sight. The twine was clean and dry, so I picked it up and threw it away. Then I run in to check Gavin, thinking if it wasn't the dog, it had to be the baby. He was laying in his crib, kicking his legs, as happy as a clam. No spit up, no drool, nothing. I step out of his room right into a big wet spot on the hardwood floor and see a trail of water coming from my bedroom door through the hallway into the living room and at the end of the trail... a sopping wet cat! Moses was sitting in the living room, completely drenched, licking his legs. What a site! Gavin and I had taken a bath about 20 minutes earlier and I hadn't drained the tub since I didn't have a free hand to pull the plug. He is a slippery baby when wet and I was very careful to get both he and I out of the tub without slipping on the edge of the tub or the floor! Moses often hops into the EMPTY tub to nap and I think he hopped in and the tub was NOT empty! May I also add that the tub was pretty full, has high sides, and the sides are sloped so it would be very tough for a freaked out cat to get out of the water??? Oh my goodness! I wish I could have seen it happen!!! I think Moses might think twice about hopping in the tub next time without looking first! (and of course it's a good reminder to always drain the tub when you get out because anyone could fall in, including your kids (and cats). I should have taken a picture of that soaking wet Moses, but I think I was laughing to hard to even hold the camera!


Kat said...

Hilarious! Oscar used to do that and it always cracked me up!

The Luskey Family said...

I am just catching up reading my fav blogs and laughed at this story! How funny! I do the same thing w/ Trey's bath - leave it full. Good idea to pull the plug a little earlier! Too funny!