Friday, May 15, 2009

New Word

Do you ever realize you just made up a word when there is already a word for what you mean? Here is an example... someone I know recently made up the word comfortability, when comfort would have been the correct word to use. It was used something like this, "I like the way that one looks, but I think comfortability-wise, this one is a better choice."

You get what I'm sayin'. So, Gavin and I are in the bathtub, having a splashingly fun time pouring water from one cup into another, spraying water all over the wall and the floor, kicking legs, etc. At the end of the bath, I usually give him a little 'swimming lesson'. Meaning, I lay him on his back in the water and I hold his head and neck with both hands and I let him float. He loves it. I want him to like the water, to love to be in it, to not be afraid to swim. So, this is my way of getting him to like floating and not be afraid that he might sink. He floats really well. He naturally floats. He has no problem with sinking...

So, I say, "Wow, Gavin. You're really _________."


You're really floatacious! I meant buoyant, obviously. But I kind of like floatacious... it's a bodacious word! Not like comfortability.


Kristinrose24 said...

Oh, you're funny. I agree with your comment abuot making up words - especially when its longer - for things that have a simple word. I also hate it when people put multiple words together or completely misprouncing things, thinking they're correct! For example; supposedebly and flustrated. I know we've talked about this before, but it's still annoying.

Kristinrose24 said...


Dreams and Designs said...

floatacious is definitely bodacious!

I hate it when people pronouce the word moot as "mute." And I think it's hilarious when people get two sayings mixed up. The other day a friend of mine, in an INTERVIEW, said the word "jack off". He got confused on if he was saying jack around or goof off so he said jack off. In an interview setting... completely straight faced... and didn't correct himself. Oh Lord, it was funny. Maybe I am immature though?