Monday, May 4, 2009


It's not often that we shop for much of anything besides groceries, diapers, laundry detergent, or home improvement supplies. If you were to look at our bank statement, aside from the gas station charges every other day, you would see the same few stores listed over and over again... County Market, Wal-Mart, Menards, Target, Produce Exchange... County Market, Wal-Mart, Menards, Target, Produce Exchange... so it's pretty exciting when we shop for anything other than those staples.

Spring is here and although we most certainly don't typically go out and buy a new wardrobe every season (or every year for that matter) we all seem to have gotten new shoes recently.
If you don't know what new shoes can do for a girl, you have a lot to learn. New shoes can cure the blues... they come in pairs, in sets of twos... you don't need a vacation, you don't need a cruise, all you need is a new pair of shoes, some people buy make-up or get new hairdos, but I'm telling you now, what you need is new shoes!

Because I'm the only girl in the house... and because I'm the one who bought everyone new shoes... I got two new pair of shoes! It makes perfect sense, of course.

I got shoes for dressing up and shoes for dressing down. Now I sound like Dr. Seuss making rhymes all over town!

I got these shoes... to wear to work and for dressing up old jeans... These are particularly awesome because the color is taupe linen. I can wear them with black, brown, tan or gray and they seem to match all four colors!

and these shoes... for walking and going to the movies (which I of course do all the time, so I need shoes for it!) ha ha! One of the greatest things about these shoes is the polka dotted inside! I know you don't see that when I'm wearing them, but I know it's there so it makes me feel special. It's sort of like lacy panties... even though no one will see them, they make me stand a bit taller and feel a little more special!
Gavin got these shoes and they're the only pair of shoes he has so they're for dressing up, laying around, going to the movies, playing, eating, and everything else he does... wait... he doesn't go to the movies. Well, they're for going to daycare, then!

Last, but not least, Cliff, who was in very desperate need of new brown shoes, moreso than either Gavin or I, got these! I don't really know if they make Cliff feel special like he feels when he wears lace panties... oh wait. Nevermind. I don't know if they make Cliff feel special like my shoes make me feel, but they're just the right shoe to wear to work with dress pants and also be able to wear with jeans to the bar for a burger.


Renee said...

Not that I am complaining,but you are the only one that I know that would have a post solely for new shoes (no pun intended).

Kat said...

I love my new shoes so much I made them my profile pic on facebook. Viva la shoes!