Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Never mind that he's the only baby on the block... or in the neighborhood for that matter! Either way, he is most definitely a happy baby!

"Hey Mom! I rolled over!" He's great at rolling from his belly onto his back, but not quite as good yet at rolling from his back to his belly! He can get onto his side, but doesn't usually keep going. He sure doesn't seem to mind though!

(By the way, no pun intended with the "on the block" reference to a quilt block!)


Kristin said...

I swear he looks just like you when you were a baby. I'm pretty sure there's a picture of you, semi-naked, that looks eerily similar to those pics you posted.

Erin J said...

I think you might be right! Pictures of him in a diaper always make me think of the picture of me with the chicken and I want to recreate that picture with him. I think it would be funny! Need a very tame chicken though.

Big Sis said...

I love his smiling face! It makes me smile even more. I think he just had a bath and I want to snuggle him. He is going to really enjoy the spring and summer.

Janet said...

is it me or does he look like andrew...or maybe nathan? either way, he's very cute!