Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time for Ourselves - Wk 2

This week on my evening out, Steph (and Luke) and I went walking at DeSanctis Park in River Falls. DeSanctis is a beautifully manicured grassy city park with walking paths and a pond, as well as the relocated old Glover Station School House / Troy Town Hall. They also have a playground, which was definitely Luke's favorite part of the park. We saw a lot of people walking their dogs and got to visit with some very friendly pups! We even got to hear the interesting background of one of the dogs, straight from it's teenage owners mouth. I'll spare you the details, but it was cute.

The evening air was warm and it was great to get out for some exercise and great conversation with a friend. Luke kept us entertained with his many trips down the slide and we even got to watch another park visitor swinging and flipping herself around like a professional on the high bars at the playground. It was obvious she was a frequent visitor to the park - she had had lots of practice!

Thanks Steph and Luke for getting me out of the house for another beautiful walk!


Big Sis said...

It is terrific you make time to get out for a little free time. Good for the mind and soul! Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having!

Erin J said...

It really does help me to enjoy the time that I am at home with Gavin even more.