Thursday, April 30, 2009


I was born in late November when it was just getting cold outside. It had snowed a few times, but there wasn't any snow on the ground when I was born. My momma and daddy bundled me up all nice and warm when we left the hospital since I was so used to being warm and comfy in momma's belly. All winter we stayed inside, waiting for the weather to be warm enough to take me out. Even when Momma and Daddy took me places in my carseat, they covered me up when we were outside so that I didn't get too cold. I heard that there wasn't too much to see outside in the winter and that everything was covered in snow. I wondered what trees would look like and what birds would sound like. Momma told me how much fun we would have when spring came and we could be outside. She said she was really looking forward to showing me the flowers and the trees. She knew I would love to listen to the beautiful songs of the birds and the crickets. As soon as it's a little bit warmer, I am going to get to sit in the grass! I will feel the grass with my hands. I wonder if it will be soft or sharp, cool or warm, wet or dry... About a month ago, the weather got warmer on a couple of days and I got to go for a walk in the stroller with the other daycare kids. I couldn't see very much because I sit in the back of the stroller behind one of my friends, but I sure liked the feeling of the fresh air and I quickly fell asleep.

Since then, we have had even more nice days and Momma and Daddy love to take me outside. Sometimes I sit in the stroller and watch Momma work in her gardens or help Daddy clean up the yard, but my favorite thing to do is go for a walk with my dog Drake. We like to walk up the road to where my Grandma and Grandpa Jennings live. There isn't a lot to see along the road, but I watch Drake run around and when we get to Grandma and Grandpa's farm, there are lots of flowers and huge trees to look at. There are cats that play in the yard and there are even baby chicks in the barn. My Grandma spends a lot of time doing yardwork and my Grandpa spends a lot of time working on his engines and other projects out in his machine shed. I like to visit him out there and see what he's working on.

Sometimes I fall asleep before we get there, but usually the wind keeps me awake. I don't like the wind blowing in my face, so sometimes they cover me up so I'm more comfortable. The fresh air still feels good, even when I'm all covered up, and it makes me drowsy.

I love to be outside. Sometimes there is just so much to see and listen to, it makes me tired just taking it all in. Last weekend I took a little nap in my stroller while my Mom planted trees and my dad chipped up branches with the woodchipper to make mulch. The sun was really bright, so Mom put a sunshade over me. Then I was really warm and comfortable and the sound of the wood chipper and the wind blowing just put me right to sleep.

I can't wait until it's warm enough for me to go out with out being all bundled up! For now, I have to wear my hat and mittens and cover up with my soft, snuggly BundleMe. Momma and Daddy can't wait for that either. They both love to be outside. Soon, my mom said the hummingbirds will come back and she told me how pretty they are. I am looking forward to seeing them and to smelling all of the flowers that will bloom later this summer. There is so much to see and do and learn!
Written by: Gavin

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