Monday, February 16, 2009

A Special Week

This is an important week for Gavin with a couple of important milestones and one not-so-great first. Gavin seems to have caught his first cold, which is not so great. We noticed he was napping more than usual over the weekend and sneezed a bit more than usual on Sunday. He was having one of those days... if he wasn't asleep, he was fussing. He doesn't have those very often, but we assumed he had a tummy ache. By Sunday night he was coughing quite a bit. He coughed for a while when we laid him down in his crib to go to sleep and he coughed a bit throughout the night. He woke up at 2:30 and ate and coughed a lot. He did go back to sleep easily and was coughing again this morning when I was getting ready for work. He doesn't seem to be stuffed up and doesn't seem to have a fever, so hopefully it is just a little mouse of a cold. He did go to daycare today and we asked Jo to keep an eye on him (as if she doesn't already!) and let us know if she is concerned or if we should take him to the doctor or pick him up early. It's noon - I'm taking a lunch break - and no word from her yet. I'll take that as a good sign.

We're hoping Gavin is feeling better by his 3 month birthday on Thursday. Can you believe he has already been in our lives for three months? Seems like we were just in the hospital having him a few weeks ago. Yet, I can barely remember life before him. Cliff and I were just saying how last Valentine's day, he wasn't yet a speck of dust. We weren't even pregnant yet. Those 9 months seemed to take forever, but really, so much has changed in just one year. One Valentine's day, we were smiling at the thought of possibly creating a new life. The next Valentine's day, we were sitting in the Olive Garden trying to enjoy lunch while nervously watching our baby's facial expressions so that we could try to stop any fussing or crying before it even started. The slightest downturn of his bottom lip or wrinkle of his brow and we were quickly looking around to see how many people's Valentine's dates would be upset by a crying baby. How quickly could we get through the crowd in the lobby and out of the restaurant (and into the cold outside) with a screaming baby? How fast could we grab our waiter, get our bill, and throw our credit card at him before dashing out the door? Of course, the nice young lady who sat us and our three month old baby in the stroller IN THE VERY CENTER OF THE RESTAURANT where everyone had to walk by us, and everyone could see us and definitely hear us, obviously has never heard the ear-popping decibals of a baby's cry. We commented to each other how it wasn't quite as relaxing as the olden days when we could sit as long as we'd like, sipping wine and pondering dessert. Would we share a dessert or each have our own? Should we start with a glass of wine or order a bottle? Should we ask the server to refill our salad and breadsticks just in case we want more after our entrees? Yes, it was different. But, do you know what? Gavin was an angel. He slept through the first half of lunch. Then when he started squirming in his seat, Cliff picked him up and sat him on his knee. He was quiet and content through the whole (rushed) meal. We ate and we enjoyed. Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Three Month Birthday this week, Gavin!

Last, but most certainly not least, is Gavin's third major milestone this week, his Baptism. Gavin will be Baptised at St. Bridget's Catholic Church in River Falls this Saturday evening after the 5:00 mass. We are looking forward to this very special day, surrounded by loving friends and family, when God will name Gavin as his own son, and will ask us as his parents and his Godmother and Godfather, to watch over and protect him and to show him how to live in the likeness of Jesus. To teach him to be kind and forgiving, to be selfless and generous, to pray and to look to God for guidance. I heard actor Wil Smith one time say that "our children are not our property. They are little people with fewer experiences than us who deserve our respect." I thought that was very insightful. Not only are our children not our property, they really aren't ours at all. They are God's children and God has entrusted us with their care. He has asked us to fulfill their physical and emotional needs while they are here on earth with us, knowing that some day they will return to him. I feel completely humbled by the miracle of Gavin's life. I know that a much greater being is responsible for his perfect little body and loving soul. No human could ever create such a perfectly innocent miracle. So, on Saturday, we will gather in God's church and surround Gavin with our love and pray to God to hold him and keep him and bless him and protect him. The lord knows that we can't do it all on our own!

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Dreams and Designs said...

Poor Gavin! Millie has been battling a mouse of a cold too! Glad he did good while Mommy and Daddy had their date!