Monday, February 2, 2009

My Baby Can Text (and he loves me)

I have heard that my child would be much more tech-saavy than I am. I have heard that someday, I would be asking HIM for help hooking up the DVD player, or whatever kind of super futuristic movie player we will have in another three years. But, I didn't expect my two-month old little boy to send me a text this morning. He's a fast learner! (Daddy was home with him this morning before bringing him to daycare. He might have given him a few texting pointers!)

Sent: Monday, February 02, 2009
To: Jennings, Erin E
Subject: I Love my mommy

I love my mommy cause I'm clean and fed, so I decided to wear my favorite shirt today since I didn't give you much sleep. (see photo)

Love Gavin
PS. Yes I can text.


nana banana said...

What an adorable baby, and obviously brilliant!! Doesn't surprise me a bit! I enjoy reading your blog and your pictures of your precious baby and family. GB :)

TheCynicalOptimist said...

LOL, oh SO cute!!! He is definitely genius material!

Kristin said...

Where's his "I love Auntie" shirt huh? I kid. I do love that picture though, and I can't believe how much he's grown in just a month. It's still another 2 weeks until I see him!!!

Erin J said...

nana banana - so glad you're enjoying it! I love reading Beth's blog too! It's so fun to keep in touch this way!

Erin J said...

Kristin - I'll see what I can do about an I "heart" auntie shirt!