Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two Months Old

Gavin turned two months old on January 19th. He is so fun to play with now, since he is much more interactive than he was just a month ago. He talks a lot, saying things like "hummm", "coo", and "ga" I think that means, "Hmm, a cougar". Although I'm not sure where he has seen a cougar, unless he means Moses. Maybe that's the wrong order. Maybe he says, "ga, hummm, coo" which means "Grandma's cuckoo". Or was it "hummm, ga, coo", which means "Him's got cooties"?

Anyway, enough baby talk! Along with Gavin's growing vocabulary comes an incredible increase in strength and muscle control. He can actually grab at toys hanging above him and hold on to them, pulling them to his mouth. You know, at this age, he uses his mouth to check everything out. If he can get it to his mouth, he can taste it, smell it, and feel it all at the same time! He still isn't a fan of tummy time, but Jo is working on that at daycare too. Hopefully as soon as his shoulders strengthen enough to hold his upper body up off the floor so his head isn't banging on his blankie, maybe he will like tummy time. Right now he just bounces his head off the floor and cries. : (

He did manage to hold himself up a little better for his two-month picture and didn't topple over this time and bump his head on the arm of the chair. I am planning to take his photo sitting on this chair each month for his first year so we can see how he is growing and changing. Here are his one month and two month pictures. (Funny - he's wearing the same socks)

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TheCynicalOptimist said...

Wow, he is getting to be such a grown up boy!!! Millie doesn't like tummy time either!