Friday, October 3, 2008

A whole baby!

Wow, 19.8 inches long? That's about full length! It seems incredible that what is growing in my belly right now is actually a whole baby. Well, minus toenails, apparently. What seems strange is that this little critter is alive and well in there and can also live well outside of the womb eventually. It's sort of amphibious! (hee, hee)

Can you believe the little one looked like this (below) already 14 weeks ago? This Ultrasound picture was taken at 20 weeks (back in June). Imagine what a picture would look like now! The baby would probably be waving to us from its recliner in there, or playing tic-tac-toe on my uterine wall! Ah, maybe that's what I keep feeling!

I guess the term "head over heels" doesn't really quite fit here. Baby was heels over head in this picture at 20 weeks and the Doctor says its heels over head now too! I assume if you rotated the picture to the left 90 degrees and curled up the legs, that's probably about how it would look now!


rutzie said...

Don't they do ultrasounds this far into the pregnancy? I would be interested in seeing one now. Only about a month to go. When does he/she get toenails?

carri said...

Can't wait to see the real deal :)

Kristin said...

YAY BABY!!! I'm sure glad baby is still in there, but can't wait to meet him or her. It hurts to not have toenails, so keep it in there until he or she gets some:) Still looking into travel for Thanksgiving weekend... but can't wait!

Erin J said...

They would only do an ultrasound this far into the pregnancy if there was concern about something. We could have chosen to have one at our 28 week appointment (not usually covered by insurance), but there was no medical reason to do so and some people believe that ultrasounds can be linked to complications, so we decided not to have another one. Another reason is that the baby is so crowded in there now, that you don't get a good picture of them anyway - they look like they're smushed up against a window or the camera lens. So, we'll just wait and see him or her when it comes out! : ) Oh, I think toenails are growing now!