Friday, October 3, 2008

34 Week Doctor Appt Update

We're at 34 weeks today, or just a little over 7 1/2 months! Our due date is exactly six weeks from today - I hope we make it that long! Dr. Raverty says all is well today! The baby's heart rate was 135 (good), and my blood pressure was good. I've gained one pound since my last visit two weeks ago, so I'm up a total of 17.4 pounds since pre-pregnancy. My belly measured just right and she confirmed that the baby is currently head-down with its butt on my left side and feet on my right side. Of course the feet are directly below my bad rib, which I was pretty sure of a couple of nights ago. I was getting some good kicks and told Cliff, "these are feeling awfully close to my bad rib!" I always wondered how that rib would fare whenever I did get pregnant. Hopefully the baby will keep those legs curled up for another six weeks and not deliver any strong kicks right there! Yeah, in my dreams, right?

We've determined that it's most likely the baby's movements that are waking me up at night since Cliff noted that I make the same noises when I'm sleeping that I make when I'm awake and getting kicked or punched. Rita prescribed something to help me sleep since the Tylenol PM that I've been taking occasionally seems to help me sleep later in the morning and fall back to sleep faster when I do wake up during the night, but doesn't seem to improve the overall quality of my sleep. Hopefully, the prescription will help me to get a bit more sound sleep.

Baby's movements are almost all visible from the outside now, and there are very few movements that I can feel on the inside but don't show from the outside. It's fun to watch the movements and try to figure out exactly what he or she is doing in there. Usually I have no idea. Except sometimes I am sure that a hand or foot is dangling down where it doesn't belong! Apparently it isn't. It just feels that way!

No contractions yet, and no other signs that point toward an early arrival or any trouble ahead. We go back in two weeks (at 36 weeks) and at that appointment, we'll find out if my cervix has begun to dilate at all. Then we start going in weekly for the next few weeks until the baby arrives!

Although we really like Dr. Hallman and were very comfortable with him, it was nice to see Rita again this morning. She's been back at work for three days and seems generally glad to be back, although of course she misses spending her days with little Sloane. Welcome back Rita!

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