Monday, July 28, 2008

Dancin' and a prancin'

My Mom got to feel the baby moving in my belly.

This little baby is sure to be a dancer, gymnast, or soccer player. I'm not sure if it's arms or legs or both, but this little one likes to move. I first started feeling the tiniest little movements just before 16 weeks, but that was tiny little taps that were almost un-noticable.

At 25 weeks, the little babe is tumbling, rolling, kartwheeling, or kick-boxing in there and although he or she is still small enough that it doesn't hurt me at all, I'm sure it will get more uncomfortable in the next couple of months. For now, it sure is fun to watch. I can often see my belly moving when the baby moves around and Cliff enjoys feeling those outward kicks and punches. The baby's just trying to make a connection with his (or her) daddy I think!

Baby has even said hello to a few other people as well! Some of my neices and nephews have felt the baby moving in the last few weeks and last week my Mom got to feel the baby moving a LOT when we were up at Breezy Point. It's such a neat feeling - sort of a reminder that this little critter is alive and well in there and doing its own thing.

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