Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh, who will care for our baby???

How do you leave your baby with someone else for an entire day when he or she has only been in this world for six short weeks? How do you know the baby will be okay? How do you go to work each day and not think about your baby all day long?

I sure don't know the answers, but I feel a bit better knowing who will be caring for our precious baby while we're off to work...

Cliff and I met with Jo Dusek and her family a couple of weeks ago and had a nice visit. We got a tour of the house and also spent some time out in the yard. Our hope is that Cliff's parents might be able to help us out in the mornings by coming over early so we can head off to work and then bringing the baby to Duseks a couple of hours later. We're also hoping that my parents can spend one day a week with the baby, so the baby would be going to Dusek's four days a week instead of all five days and that gives the baby some special bonding time with grandmas and grandpas.

Thank you to each of you who have offered your help if we're ever in a bind. Some of you have offered to do emergency pick-ups if something were to happen and we couldn't get to River Falls from Minneapolis quickly enough. With such caring, generous friends and family so close by, we know our baby will be in good hands and we'll always have someone to call on! Thank you!

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