Wednesday, August 26, 2015


We all have our faults, right? I mean, some people appear to be just perfect - they're athletic, beautiful, fantastic cooks, kind, thoughtful, they always send birthday cards on time, and mail you photos of a fun time you had together, and run in every tough and muddy race there is, and their kids love poetry and puppet shows, and...  but they can't be perfect in every way, can they?  I mean even Mary Poppins was only practically perfect!

Well, I know that perfection is not the goal. I know that people's lives are never perfect, no matter how they may look from the outside. I know that everyone has things they're not proud of. Me? I have lots of them. But I also have things I am proud of.

One thing that gets me over and over and over? I'm a quitter. Really and truly. I don't finish anything. I am a great starter! I start all kinds of things, come up with ideas, plans, strategies... I even gather supplies! I plan, plan, plan and then I quit. I don't intentionally quit. It just happens and then I realize that it's been four months since I've written a blog post and...   wait, this isn't about blogging. But... it kind of is. I take thousands of photos, hundreds and hundreds per month. I organize them on my external hard drive and then there they sit. Remember those commercials that showed the people in the computer screens trying to get out? Yep, that's my family, my kids. 

Gosh, it seems like I have written this post before. Well, I'm not going to say I'm back. However, I do  really miss writing. I miss blogging... even if it is just for me. So, we'll see...


Kristin said...

Hey! I posted on my blog yesterday too! I'm a good quitter too. I decided I'm a good planner. I should just plan things and have other people execute. We should be in management roles. :)

Erin J said...

Awesome! We're in sync! Yes, I am a great planner and a poor executer. Apparently executer isn't a word. Would it be executioner? That sounds so morbid and violent.

Yep, we should be managers! I have a plan for that. It involves ownership of country escape cabins / cottages. Some day.

Big Sis said...

You have so much that happens in your life that sometimes certain things have to take a back seat. You can quit when you don't enjoy it anymore. The rest of us love to read your posts but remember, this was really for you.