Monday, July 7, 2014

These two


These two. They fill my heart. They are sunshine and stars, they are twinkling fireflies on a summer night and warm snuggles on a cold and dreary day.
They fill my soul with love
(and yes, frustration, helplessness, worry, and tears sometimes too)

We've never had either of the kids professionally photographed and it has always been a bit of a sore spot between Cliff and me. I want to have their photos taken professionally and Cliff doesn't think we need to spend the money on that because we have the ability to take photos on our own. I take a LOT of photos, probably too many photos. But I just love taking their pictures. I love the way a good photo or series of photos brings a memory streaming back. I have lots of pictures of the kids doing things, spending time with people we care about. I wanted some pictures to print and display at home, so a few weeks ago I asked Cliff to help me take the kids pictures. We agreed we'd do it that weekend. Friday came and I honestly forgot about the photo-taking. Cliff was working on the farm and the kids and I had been outside playing most of the day. He came home around 5:00 that evening and said "If you want to do those pictures, let's do them now. We have a half-hour."
So, in exactly 30 minutes, we washed the kids faces, slipped off their dirty clothes and got them into clean ones, pulled one of our patio chairs into the shade in the front yard, and snapped about 200 pictures. There were about 190 out-takes and 10 good ones.
Gavin actually snapped a hilarious sequence of me and Cliff as we were trying to set-up the family shots. He even photo-bombed a picture or two of us. Funny kid.

These few below just make me laugh because they show a bit more of the kids' silly personalities.  


 My favorite little foursome.

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