Monday, October 8, 2012

A Walk in the Woods - Part II

In case you missed it, click A Walk in the Woods - Part 1 to read the first part of this story!

Gavin found this "dinosaur bone" in the woods across our field. He was pretty sure it was a dinosaur bone at first, but when we suggested it was more likely from a cow since those woods were cattle pasture many years ago, he easily agreed. Before long we found another bone, and another, and another. We made a pile next to a tree of all of the bones we found. We looked for part of the skull and eventually found part of the jaw, with a tooth intact. He thought that was pretty cool and put the tooth in his pocket to keep for a treasure. 

Gavin and Cliff found an old metal bucket with the bottom rusted out and had fun playing with it. They tried it on Gavin's head like a hat, but it slid right down over his face! He thought it was pretty funny and we teased him about being like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz.

We did find our colors - they were BEAUTIFUL! MAGNIFICENT!

Cliff found an awesome tree for Gavin to "climb". He doesn't have the arm strength to climb a tall, straight, branchless tree like these magnificent wonders, but he has motivation to climb, so climb he did. The tree was horizontal, but he sure did showcase his balance!  

As we walked out of the woods and into the field at the end of the evening, the sun was just starting to go down in the western sky behind the farm. See that patch of trees in the center of the photo? That's our house. There's actually a center patch in the foreground, and then slightly behind it (and to the left) is Cliff's parents place and our rental house. They're actually almost 3/4 mile apart, but that distance somehow disappears when I zoom in a bit. It was a lot darker outside than it looks in this photo, but in order to actually capture the farms, I had to adjust the camera settings to allow a lot more light in.   

It was an amazingly beautiful night and a beautiful sunset. This photo below is the same shot as the one above, taken at the same time, but with the camera set slightly differently, so I was capturing the beauty of the sunset rather than farm sites.

This was one of those magical moments that you want to just savor forever.

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