Monday, August 6, 2012

Five Things You May Not Know (1)

1. A month and a half ago, some girlfriends and I got together for pedicures and dinner. There were six of us. My previous pedicure was a year ago. "You're last pedi was a year ago?" you say? Two pedicures in just over a year is actually a huge treat for me! It's not something I typically do, but I do love it! When the girls and I got together, I had my toes painted a metallic aqua color, which was another thing out of the ordinary for me. I tend to do red toe polish most of the time, and sometimes deep, dark pink. I loved the aqua polish, but I've since changed it to a shimmery deep rose and now just last week I went to a bright, hot pink. (no professional pedis though, these were just me sittin' in my bubble bath, painting my toes!)

2. I'm an intovert. If you know me really well, you already know this. Even if you know me relatively well, you probably think I'm an extrovert. People always think I'm an extrovert and tend to label me as outgoing, but deep down, although I actually thrive on the company of others and don't like spending time alone, I actually do most of my thought processing and decompressing alone. I don't want to be in a crowd, and I don't want to be surrounded by people I don't know. My favorite place to be is in the company of three or four really good, close friends.

3. My favorite sandwich of all time is peanut butter and pickle on toast. We ate these growing up and I still love them! Gavin even likes them and asks me for a pickle sandwich at least once a week.

4. I love being at home, but I want someone to be there with me. I don't enjoy being home alone and even my 3-year old's company doesn't satisfy my need to have someone around. If I am home, I want someone to come over. Luckily, six of my eight living siblings and my parents live within an hour's drive from my house, as well as a few adult nieces and nephews who are usually happy to indulge me and stop by for a couple of hours to keep me company. I seriously go stir-crazy if I am home alone, but if I have someone come over, I don't necessarily need to talk to them or them to talk to me - I just need them here. I'm weird, I know.

5. I use "Just For Men" Mustache and Beard Coloring Gel...   Let me explain...
I'm very self-concious about my eyebrows, or lack thereof. I have always had very blonde, very thin eyebrows, and frankly, the lack of visible eyebrows is not a great look on a girl!  I didn't really even realize I was "missing" eyebrows until I was almost 20 years old! I started penciling in eyebrows and soon after that started having them tinted at the salon (and then waxed). It's about $18 for the tinting and $18 for the waxing, plus a tip for your esthetician. I love my esthetician and going to the salon every 6 weeks was like a therapy session for me. She is kind and smart and creative and does a great job with my eyebrows. The room at the salon is filled with quiet, relaxing music, has low lighting, a nice warm table/bed, soothing aromatherapy and I get to just lie back and feel pampered for 20 minutes. It is such a treat for me. However, now that I am working only 16 hrs/week as well as making less $/per hour, that little splurge isn't exactly in the budget these days. Enter "Just For Men" Mustache & Beard Coloring Gel. Love it. I use it to tint my brows every 5 or 6 weeks and follow up with a quick clean-up with a tweezers.


Kristin said...

I knew all those things... Except that you had a pedi. I guess those are the daily things I miss out on by not living nearby! I loved spending time with you over the last few weeks!

Erin J said...

You probably know me better than almost anyone else in the world though...

Steph planned a girls' night back in early June and we all got pedis and then grabbed dinner at the Main Streeter, went walking along the Kinni in town, and then stopped for a drink at Johnnie's bar (I had a water). :) It was fun. I loved having you here too! Sorry it was so... eventful!

Anonymous said...

I love the Just for Men idea! Seriously, I must get the white eyebrows genetically as well! I have paid for it at the salon but it never sticks very well. I will definitely try this! And LOVED the other post about Gavin's funny sayings!!! -Beth