Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Boy and His Christmas Tree

That is not our Christmas tree that Gavin is dragging. Although... it looks a bit like our tree, only our tree is about 20 times that size, but almost identical.

For several years, we have chosen and cut our tree from the same Family-owned and operated tree farm and we always enjoy our visit there. This year we wanted to try something different. We asked a neighbor with a whole forest full of evergreens if he would mind if we cut one from his forest (he only has 35,000 of them!) His place is beautiful and is covered in pines and red oaks. He has a magnificent view of the valley to the West of his land...

We may have underestimated the size of the trees just slightly... These were not 12-14' tall Christmas trees like they look like from our house. These are 30' tall natural pines in all their glory. 

We went with my brother Chuck...

and my niece and nephew, Robyn and Luke

Yep, our kid is the one in blaze orange. Ever lose a three year old in a forest of 70,000 trees? Me neither and we didn't want to try it this year!  The forest was so thick, you couldn't see more than two rows of trees deep and there were hundreds - maybe thousands? - of rows of trees.

Cliff, our master tree cutter

Awww... what a helpful Daddy. Hey, when you're deep in the forest and ya gotta go? Ya gotta go! Dad helped maneuver around the snowpants when it was time for a potty break (don't worry - I zoomed in really far just to make sure there was nothing showing that shouldn't and we're good)

Our tree was 30' tall, so we trimmed it down to about 13.5' since the very top of the peak in our living room is 14'. It wasn't your typical cone-shaped Christmas Tree, but it was ours and it was natural and it was special to us... in it's own sort of helpless way. The sets of branches are about 3' apart and it's... a little on the bushy, but thin side, but lights and ornaments can do a lot for a tree. It's a special tree. It was magnificent in it's forest and if Leroy wasn't planning to log his forest next year anyway, I would have felt a little bad for taking it down. It was a beautiful tree... outside. It just needed some lovin' once we got it in the house. (Don't worry about the logging - he planted this forest himself and has a great plan for it).

We got the tree up and decorated and then... (to be continued)


Sky said...

Beautiful!! We used to cut a tree from our property every year, but they're just a little too big now. There aren't as many either, so we've been getting them from nurseries. That's what we're doing today! Glad to see everyone out enjoying the weather!

Erin J said...

Fun! I remember when you used to cut trees from your land, but you're right - that was a while ago! Enjoy all of that crazy Christmas prep!