Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Gavin will be three years old next month. Three. Excuse me while I wipe my tears. I can't believe he is almost three. He is so much fun right now and I'm not just saying that because that's what Mom's are supposed to say. He really is so much fun. He is hilarious. He has a way better sense of humor than either Cliff or I have and seriously makes me laugh so hard I cry. He is also such a sweet heart and can melt my heart with a word or a gentle touch.
Part of me feels like he was just born a few months ago. Like I can remember those early infant days so clearly. And yet, it feels like he's been in our life forever. I can't even imagine what we did with our time before we had him.
Here are some of the more memorable things he has said over the last few months!

This summer:
While switching the laundry...
Me:  Gavin, can you get the stuffed animals out of the washer and bring them here to dry and then we'll put the clothes in the dryer?
G:  Yes.
Me:  Bring them here and we'll let them dry on the table.
G:  No I'll let this one dry in my fingers.

After intentionally messing up my hair and pulling it down over my face, he says: "I want you to be a mommy ow day wike diss" (meaning he wants me to leave my hair like that all day).
"Mommy, I wike it when yo hayo is ow tangoed wike dis" (what a compliment, eh?)

While I'm putting my make-up on...
G: I want some make-up. 
Me: Well, make-up is really for women.
G: But I winned. I winned the wace!
Me: I didn't say winned, honey, I said women. Women are ladies, like mommas.
G: I'm women.
Me: You're a boy.
G: But boys are women. You know what women is? Women is kinda like a wipe, but it's really a bucket.

And my favorite incorrect word is "becept". He means "except", but he says becept instead - I'm not sure if he's combining "but" and "except" or "because" and "except" but it's cute. Sometimes he uses it like except, and sometimes I can't figure out quite how he's trying to use it.

Last night after reading the book "Love You Forever" Gavin gave me the smushiest hug and kiss ever, he had his mouth and nose smushed up against my cheek so hard I thought "there is no way he can even breathe" and when he pulled away after a bit, he hugged me and said "I'm gonna keep you forever Mommy"

When we got home from daycare one day this summer and were sitting in the car in our driveway:
G: Mom, when you were at work and Daddy was here, I mayweed Daddy
Me: You married him?
G: Yeah, I mayweed him because I wike him
Me: Well, usually only grown-ups get married, like Mommy and Daddy
G: and I'm gonna maywee you too, because I wike you too

Gavin is afraid of spiders, and screams if he sees anything that resembles a spider web or a spider. It could be just a dust bunny or even a seed pod from a plant, and he'll think it's a spider web or a spider.

When I'm laying down next to him in his bed or when he is snuggling in my bed in the morning, he wraps his arms around my neck, one on each side, and whispers "It's okay Mommy. I'm white hewe. Don't cwy, I'm white hewe." It's so sweet I just giggle.

Gavin uses the word "anything" in place of "nothing". If I ask him what he wants to bring with him to daycare, he shouts "any-sing!" or if I say "Do you want carrots or cucumbers?" He will shout "Any-sing!" It's funny.

Everything right now is "special" and "magic". He says things like:
"If you be nice, I wiw give you mine besho wock" (If you be nice, I will give you my special rock). 

He is also totally into trying to get you excited about things by whispering it like it's a secret. He said to me the other day: 
"If you eat ow yo stwawbewwies, I wiw give you some (whispering, but dramatic, with big eyes) CHOCKWIT! (if you eat all your strawberries, I'll give you some CHOCOLATE)

Every once in a while, when Gavin is feeling all calm and sweet and snuggly, he'll say "I wuv you so much Mom" and my heart just melts.


While talking about Christmas:
Me: Gavin, what do you think Santa will bring you for Christmas?
G: A big, big tractor with a woader and a cereo bar. (a big, big tractor with a loader and a cereal bar)
Me: What do you think Santa will bring for Daddy?
G: A tractor
Me: What do you think Santa will bring me?
G: A big, big, big shaver, so you can shave yo pwickwee wegs!

I recently ran into the corner of a table, and got a scrape and bruise on the outside of my hip/thigh. In the pajama shorts that I was wearing the other morning, the scrape was showing. Gavin pointed it out and Cliff told him that I had an owie. Cliff asked Gavin if he wanted to kiss my owie to make it feel better.
Gavin said "no, because Mommy has a pwickwee butt"

Sitting at the table, Gavin says to me: I'm gonna eat all my food so I get a big, big tummy wike you Mom. See? See how you have a big, big, big tummy? When I get big, I'll have a big tummy wike you!

Me:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G
G: H  I  J  K  S  O  E  7  30

We stopped at Dairy Queen on Sunday to pick up a dozen Dilly Bars to bring to my family who was working on the lake house. Gavin got to eat his Dilly Bar in the car on the way there. As Gavin slurps the ice cream from the Dilly Bar, he says, "I like Dilly Bars, but I also like Cereal Bars. This is damn good!" followed up by a very satisfied grin. My niece and I in the front seat just about died laughing silently so that he wouldn't realize we were laughing. I seriously thought I was going to burst my belly (which could actually happen since I had my appendix out last week!)
Yesterday, Gavin was playing with a small model motorcycle that I had sitting on my desk at work and he had brought home with him the last time he visited me at work. It's an orange Sportster, similar to my own real motorcycle. He set it on the dining room table and pointed to it, stating "That's a actual motorcycle, Mom. See? It's a actual motorcycle. See? It says right there (pointing to the "Harley-Davidson" on the gas tank). Actual. Motor. Cycle. So... it is!"

We were riding in the car the other day when Gavin started talking about things he can do when he's all grown up. "When I'm gwown-up I can chew gum and chop down twees and dwink coffee and pway soccer and dwive big twactos with woaders wike Grampa's big twacto with a big woader. Gwown-ups can chop down twees and they can dwive wahn-mowers and they can chew gum and dwink coffee. And Gwown-ups can pway soccer."
Me: Oh, I like soccer. Soccer is one of my favorite games.
Gavin: Yeah, and when you're all gwown-up... you are all gwode up, Mom! So, you can do soccer! and you can chop down twees too! and Daddy is gwown up too, so he can dwive the wahn-mower and dwink coffee too!"

UPDATE:  Renee and Kristin reminded me of a few others!

When Gavin was driving me crazy and I was trying my best to remain humorous so that I didn't actually lose it...
Me: Grrrrrrrrr! I just wanna paddle you!
G: Paddo me? Siwwy Mommy! You don't paddo Gavins! You paddo boats!

After my appendectomy, My dad asked Gavin how I was feeling...
Grandpa: How's your mom feeling?
Gavin: Good. But she's sad. She;s awways sad.
My niece Renee: Why?
Gavin: Because she wants to dwive.  


Renee said...

Your kid cracks me up.

Grandpa: How's your mom feeling?
Gavin: Good. But she's sad. She;s awways sad.
Me: Why?
Gavin: Because she wants to dwive.

Kristin said...

Paddo me? Siwwy Mommy. You don't paddo Gavins.

Erin J said...

Oh that's right! You guys are so good at remembering! The Paddo Me one totally cracked me up!

Dreams and Designs said...

OMG, best post ever! I love, love, love it! I can just imagine his little toddler voice! Millie pronounces all of her r's and w's "wight" now too! It's so cute! I wish these days never ended!!!