Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Trip

My friend Val's lilacs.
They were just so beautiful, I had to share a photo of them.
I had the most beautiful garden tour last night at her house. She has the most enormous purple bearded irises that can barely be contained in a vase. They are breathtaking. I didn't get a photo. 
Thanks Val for the wonderful garden tour. You've done so much to add beauty to your yard! 

 Here are my two macho motorcycle men sitting outside Dairy Queen watching the cars go by on Hudson's main street. We took one of the motorcycles out with the sidecar on Memorial day and stopped for lunch at DQ before heading over to my brother's new place in Hudson for a quick little visit.

Gavin absolutely loves motorcycle rides. He sits in my lap in the sidecar and cozies up behind the windshield. He has a little 3/4 helmet as well as a full helmet, but the 3/4 fits him better. He's been asking to go for a ride for weeks, so we went out, even though it was a cloudy day with some sprinkles. The temperature was certainly warm enough! Cliff was hot in his long-sleeved shirt. We got rained on at DQ, but no raindrops while we were actually riding. 

There isn't too much Gavin loves more than motorcycling, except maybe ice cream!

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