Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Still Winter

When I woke up Saturday morning, I looked out my bedroom window. This is what I saw...

April 16th

Gavin and I were heading to my sister's farm about an hour and a half northwest. I had been hoping for a warm, sunny day for our visit. After all, I love to be outside at her house. It's calving season, so I was excited for Gavin to see all of the little calves.

As we neared her house, there was less and less snow, although there was still some on the ground when we arrived. We stopped and picked up my niece D on the way there. She didn't have plans and my motto is 'the more, the merrier'.

We had a wonderful visit at my sister's place. It was really cold and windy and we were bundled up like Eskimos, but we had a great time. Gavin got to try to bottle-feed one of the calves and a new calf was even born while we were there! We said hello to the horses and the chickens, we cooked bratwursts over a fire that the kids had built inside a cement block cube, since it was too windy for a bonfire.

Of all of the fun we had while out visiting, the only picture I have from the day is this one I took with my phone of Gavin sleeping soundly on the couch in my sister's living room, wrapped up in his soft blankie.

He was all tuckered out from the cold and the wind and walking back and forth across the pastures.


Renee said...

heaven forbid we sleep without our monster truck.

Dana said...

Umm, it's actually a four wheeler.