Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blessings Falling from the Sky

Ever have one of those days where just when you are feeling the need for something, but can't quite name it, it falls right out of the sky and into your lap?  You have? Hey me too!!!

I'm not talking about the things that naturally fall from the sky like apples or rain. I can't remember when I last thought, boy I really need an apple right now.

What I'm talking about is when you're feeling lonely and just then your phone rings and it's your sister and she's looking for a chat. ...or when you're feeling like all of your clothes are worn and outdated and you're bored with them and then your neighbor stops over with a bag of clothes she's getting rid of and they're just your size! Something new to wear! It's like God knew you had a need even before you knew it, and he fulfilled that need without being asked. It's in those moments that I hear myself utter, "that's just what I needed!"

Well, quite often, when I'm having a rough day at work or I'm cranky or feeling tired, I'll come back to my desk only to find a Dove Dark Chocolate Promise sitting on my desk... or I'll get in to work late and frazzled with my hair barely combed and there will be a muffin on my desk. I have a few sweet co-workers who know just how to make me smile, even when they don't know that I need to. I'm pretty lucky in that way.

Sometimes when I've had a long day (or a long week) I'll get a call from my sister that says she's dropping dinner off at my house, out of the blue. It's like a little secret surprise that God is leaving for me to cheer me up.

Work lately has been a little challenging. A challenge is a good thing actually, but it isn't the work itself that is challenging, it's the processes by which the work is getting done and the environment in which I'm working that is challenging. That's not so much a good thing. Anyway, I was feeling particularly glum about work this week. Last week was my 6th anniversary at my job, and I was just feeling a bit ho-hum about where I am right now in my career. I didn't mention this to anyone - it wasn't something worth talking through - just a temporary feeling of slight disontent, nothing to worry too much about and I knew it would soon pass.

One of my coworkers was scheduled to be off work for the second half of this week week and she had the most beautiful vase of yellow tulips on her desk. She had bought them for herself  on Monday and I had admired them for a couple of days. Tuesday evening as she was getting ready to head out for the day, she gave the tulips to me to enjoy while she was gone for the rest of the week. There is little that I love more than yellow tulips - maybe red tulips, but it's a toss-up. These cheerful yellow tulips are in the most beautiful shimmery sea blue base. I love them. They're on my desk at work and they make me smile each time I look at them. They were the perfect thing that I didn't know I needed, right at the perfect time. I'm glad they didn't literally fall into my lap, since the vase is kind of heavy and the water likely would have splashed everywhere, but I am SO glad they made their way to my desk top!

Ya know what else makes me smile at work? The side of my file cabinet where I post these adorable pictures of the cutest little guy in the world. THIS is what I look at every time I walk into my cubicle...
and it makes me smile.

Today was a long day at work - not literally, I was actually only in the office for just over 8 hours, but it felt like forever. I was tired - really tired. I had stayed up way too late two nights in a row working on a project and then Gavin slept terribly and woke up crying three times during the night, which is highly unusual for him and we still don't know what was going on. At any rate, my brain was like a clam and I was just plain tired. I got in to work late, had managed a shower, but just let me hair air-dry on the way in to work (and let me tell you that my hair does not look good air-dried. It was all kinky in the back and straight in the front and wavy around the sides, but straw-straight at the ends. Not a good look.) Wow - that was a long parenthesis!

I didn't have time in the morning for coffee, but did have a banana in the car. Around 11:00 I realized that if I was going to accomplish anything today, I was going to need coffee! I went downstairs to the market that's in my building and walked through the produce - thinking an orange or some other fruit would be good for me. Nothing caught my eye, so I walked over to Mapps coffee shop and ordered my Iced Latte... and picked up a rice crispie bar and headed back up to my desk. By 2:00 I had finished my Latte, and eaten a banana and a sugary, gooey rice crispie bar... I was not feeling the best by then. So my solution? I grabbed an open bag of Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips and snacked on those for an hour. They're wonderful, but I really needed some nutrition, some protein. I had no time to go get anything and had so much work yet to do.

My 'new email' notification popped up. I had an email from my coworker Julie titled "Fruit & Cheese". This is what it said "there is a lovely fruit and Cheese tray in Krista's cube - Please come and enjoy."

Seriously? Thank you God. You knew just what I needed and you provided.

It was JUST what I needed!


Kristin said...

I love those times too, but they haven't been happening much lately... except when I said I needed a pair of rain boots and a text message with a picture of the cutest polka dot rain boots pooped up and it said, "they're yours" from my lovely sister.

Kristin said...

Dang! Popped! Not pooped! I did just change a diaper so I guess that's where my head was!

Dreams and Designs said...

I love this post! So great, sorry you are in a slump at work, but you are right, God seems to have a way of giving us what we need right when we need it! Sometimes it's disguised as a fruit and cheese platter but if we open our eyes we can see Him working!