Monday, March 21, 2011

Preview - What we've been up to...

This post is just a teaser... you see - I hope to actually find time to organize my thoughts and share them with you here! One of these days! This little nature lover who is seen here wading in a stream in the woods in Kansas last weekend, has been keeping us busy! We've been up to all sorts of fun stuff!

This little angel below was the reason for our trip to Kansas... Oh, and her parents too. Of course, we always want to see them, but this was her big weekend, her baptism.

Gavin adored her and I think she liked him too. They became fast friends. She was so much more fun for him this time than the last time he saw her. Each time we see her, she has grown a little more and is so sweet and content. We absolutely adore her and could not smooch her up enough!

This guy though, this explorer, this mud-puddle splasher, this adventure seeker... he has my heart. Wait until you hear about the fun we had!

What a little sunshine face!  

More to come... stay tuned!

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april said...

Wow, she looks exactly like her mommy!