Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Morning Smile

My baby has the sweetest smile sometimes...  especially in the mornings. I don't know if the grogginess of sleep makes it sweeter or what, but it is so stinkin sweet, I want to package it so I can open it every day for the next 40 years.

Some mornings Gavin wakes before Cliff and I are up and he comes right into our room. We hear the click of his bedroom door opening and then the patter of little feet down the hall, then the click of our door and then he runs around the foot of the bed to my side and climbs up into bed with us. Occasionally he sleeps in and in that case, there usually isn't time for snuggling in bed.

This morning, Cliff and I were both in the kitchen packing our lunches, reheating yesterday's coffee (I know!), picking up the kitchen a bit so Grandma wouldn't faint at the site of it, etc. It was almost 7am and I was trying to get out the door so I could make it to work at a reasonable time! I try to leave before then most days, but some days I just don't make it!

Cliff and I were moving about the kitchen when Gavin's bedroom door opened (He can see the kitchen from his doorway). He padded his floppy pajama-footed way toward me, with a sweet, warm, melt-your-heart smile on his face and as I crouched down to greet him, he gave me the softest hug ever without even saying a word. I thanked him for the sweet hug. His smile was still there. Cliff asked if he was going to get a hug like that too. Gavin moved from me to Cliff and gave him the same warm hug and sweet smile. Then he padded his floppy feet back to his bedroom doorway, still not having uttered a word, and he climbed on his Radio-Flyer toddler bike and rode through the house, that smile still shining, no words needed.

That is the best sight ever... that warm groggy early morning smile. Love it.


Kristin said...

I want a "like" button so I can "like" your posts:) I love that sweet morning smile too when Amelija wakes up. Some mornings (today) there isn't a smile and on those days I pray that whatever's got her down (a miserable cold) goes away soon. I'd take it if I could. It just makes your heart flutter when they're so blissfully unaware that there is anything wrong in the world. That
s what I remember about being a kid... and when you would pretend to run away so I would cry.

Erin J said...

You aren't ever going to forget that are you! I won't run away, I promise. I really just wanted you to cry so that I felt needed.

Gavin woke up crying this morning, a few times. When I went in to his room at 5:30 he asked me to lay with him. He started crying again at 6:30 and I went in and he was just laying on his bed with his eyes open, crying. He couldn't say what was wrong, but he was stuffy, so it's probably another cold. Poor little peanuts!