Thursday, February 3, 2011

Early Bird

I'm up with the birds again this morning. Actually, our birds all left our yard a couple of months ago, so I can't actually tell you if they're up yet or not. But, I woke up at 2:30 this morning and suddenly realized that an order I placed on Tuesday for an event at work this morning might not have gone through. I only realized it because I figured out late yesterday that another order I placed on Tuesday didn't go through, but that one was for next week, so I figured I'd just place it again today. It wasn't until 2:30am that I wondered if the one for today went through. I re-set my alarm clock so that I could stop and pick up food at the grocery store for the meeting and get to work by 6:30 to set it up. But, then I thought maybe my order did actually go through. I tossed and turned in bed for an hour and a half and finally got up and got my computer out so I could check the order. There was no way to know for sure if it was submitted without talking to the caterer directly. I sent her an email around 5:00, but didn't figure I'd hear back right away. Finally, at 6:00, I knew it was too late for me to still pick something up and get there in time, so I called the coffee shop in our building and caught Yildiz just walking in to the building. She happily agreed to deliver an order to our meeting by 7:00am and put all my uneasiness to rest. Then I had to email the caterer again and ask her to cancel my order - if she ever had it in the first place, that is!

Now, that I've got all of that taken care of... I'm pooped! I've been up since 2:30, I'm showered and warm, and cozy in my bath robe and just want to go back to bed!

On the bright side, it's Thursday and I only have to venture out into the snowy cold for two more days this week and then I can hole up at home for the weekend! We have company coming Saturday and Sunday, so it will be a busy weekend, but fun! Sunday is my Mom's birthday  (and yes, the Super Bowl!! and yes, the Packers are going to win!) so we're having brunch at my house after church. I'm looking forward to it!

Well, off to work! I may still be able to make it there by 7:30 if I hurry and get my butt in gear and out the door!

Happy Thursday everyone! Stay warm!!

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Kristin said...

Ugh! Yuck! I'm glad you got it taken care of, but I would be stressed out too! Good thing you have the option to call a coffee shop in your building! I guess that's an advantage of working for a bigger company. Hope you have a good rest of the day, and stay awake!