Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jingo Bews

January 6, 2011...

It's 9:43 pm. Gavin's room is quiet, finally. He's been in there singing Jingle Bells for the last half hour. "Open sway, Hey! Jingo Bews, Jingo Bews, Jingo Bews, Hey!"

Bedtime is getting better. Gavin got out of bed 11 times tonight, but only attempted leaving his room 8 times. He didn't cry once. Most times he marched back to his bed on his own. He asked for extra prayers several times. I'm all prayed out tonight. "Pway one mo time, Mom. One mo pwayo, Mom? We prayed our usual bedtime prayer...

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep.
May angels watch me through the night, and keep me in their blessed sight.

Then we asked God to bless just about everyone we know. Then we said our usual bedtime prayer again. Then we sang our usual bedtime prayer... THREE times.

After all of our praying, repraying, and praying again, I left Gavin's room again. He was good and quiet for a few minutes. Then, he walks out of his room and asks, "Me a fowmo, mommy?" To which I respond, "Yes Gavin, you're a farmer. Now get back in your bed."

He walks toward his bed and says to me. "Not gettin in mine bed. Gotta feed da chickens."



I'm sitting on my bed, obviously typing on my laptop. Grey's Anatomy is on the TV in the background. Sitting on the bed next to me is my camera and my e-reader and on the nightstand next to me is my smartphone. I have five forms of electronics within 5' of me and I'm in my bed. Good gracious, no wonder we're so tired. We can't even sit in bed without phones, computers, e-readers, the tv, and a digital camera. Ah, but without a digital camera, I wouldn't have this to share with you. (He quiets down after the first 35 seconds, so you don't need to watch the last 45 seconds)


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Hilarious! I love it! (Not the part that he won't go to bed, but the story is hilarious.)