Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Huge Milestone

Gavin pooped in the potty chair!!!

He occasionally wants to sit on the potty chair and he has peed in it once before, but not in a few weeks. Tonight he didn't want to be put in his crib and was crying, which is unusual. We snuggled and read books and put him into his crib a little after 8, but he was crying hard right away. I tucked him in and rubbed his back a little and then told him goodnight and walked out of his room. He cried harder and harder. When I went into his room a few minutes later, his sobbing settled down a little and he laid down in bed, but was still crying. He said "poopy", which is sometimes his little trick to get back out of the crib. I gave him the sniff test and laid him back down. Then he said "Potty Chair", or rather "potty chay". Even though he was already "down for the night", we pretty much indulge him any time he wants to sit on the potty chair. If it gets us any closer to potty training, we're all for it. We've never forced him to sit on the potty chair or even told him to. We ask if he wants to sit on it when one of us is using the bathroom, but if he says no, we just say, "Okay, maybe next time.

So, anyway, when he said "potty chay" I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty chair. He did, so I got him up out of his crib, hauled him off to the bathroom, unzipped his fleece footed jammies, and undid his diaper. To my surprise, there was a little poop in his diaper. I sat him on the potty chair and told him he could go pee. He sat there for a minute, and I told him I was going to get some wipes and a clean diaper. When I came back in, he was peeing. I praised him and told him how proud I was and gave him a kiss. As I sat there with him, he started to poop. He pooped a lot. He pooped the best looking pile of poop we've ever seen! I told him how great he did. I asked him if I should go tell Daddy. He sat there on the potty chair while I ran outside and called to Cliff. I yelled from the house to the shed "Cliff, he pooped in the potty chair!" Cliff came running in. By the time Cliff got in to the bathroom, Gavin was practically bouncing off the potty chair in excitement. It was awesome. We cleaned him up, put the diaper back on, jammies back on, and read two more books before putting him back in his bed for the night. Yay Gavin!!  

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Renee said...

YAY!! That is so exciting!