Monday, August 30, 2010


Do you think Gavin likes cookies?

We made some cookies last weekend to take to the Threshing Bee and I think between he and I, we probably ate a dozen of them that day. They were oatmeal, cranberry, chocolate-chip, almond, toffee cookies. It was pretty much whatever I had in the pantry. They were good cookies, sweet, soft and chewy with warm melty chocolate and tart cranberries. I like oatmeal cookies, but I don't really like raisins. These cookies are perfect! I think that I ate more than 6 of them one day. I know that I had two for breakfast,

...what! They're made of oatmeal!

Anyway, I had two for breakfast, one at lunch, two when I got home from work, and at least one before bed. I made about 50 cookies and I probably brought 25 back home from the Threshing Bee, but it was the first few, right out of the oven, when they were still all warm and gooey that really got us!

I think that Gavin may have been on his third cookie by the time I took this picture, so he wasn't exactly savoring every bite a tthis point. He's been into "cutting" and I don't mean the kind that leaves scars. When he decides he's finished eating, he starts cutting (smashing) his food and saying "I cuddeen. I cuddeen. I cuddeen cookies. cuddeen wunch."

It's funny... for a few minutes. Until the food is all in his lap, in his hair, in his ears, up his nose, and all over the floor. It's not as funny then. But still, kinda.

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