Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Food

I guess I'm in a summer post kind of mood these days. I want to blog about summer. I feel a little bit as though I am watching summer fly by the windows of my office these days. It seems that August is just around the corner. I haven't yet been to the beach. I haven't even been swimming at all. I did wear my bathing suit top to do yardwork one day... does that count?

I haven't caught a firefly - although I did try last Sunday evening. I feel as though I'm either cooped up at work, or cooped up at home because of the rain. It's been rainy here for days. It feels like weeks. We've had rain, clouds, wind, gloominess, and more rain. It's been humid, muggy, and heavy.

However, there is something this weather brings, that just isn't the same in any other weather! This weather brings summer food.


Potato Salad

Bratwurst on the Grill

Cucumber Salad

This weather brings dinner on the screenporch, lunch on the front porch, watermelon eaten over the grass so you can spit the seeds out onto the ground. My aunt used to say that if you swallowed a seed, watermelons would grow out of your ears!

There is nothing like grilled bratwurst with mustard, fresh watermelon, and my Mom's potato salad on a hot summer day.


On the afternoon of Memorial Day, after we had attended the Memorial Day services in town, we invited Cliff's folks over for dinner. It was lovely. We sat on the front porch and relished in the good summer food. I had made a summery angel hair pasta salad with fresh tomatoes, herbs, and green onions. It never tasted so good. Cliff's Mom had made potato salad. We had steaks on the grill.

The week before my friend Steph came over with her son and my sister Carrie with her son. We sat on the front porch and enjoyed a carefree, easy dinner... sandwiches, potato salad, watermelon, fruit punch.

These are the days... the sticky, watermelon-faced, summer days. I love these days...

Hope summer doesn't pass so quickly this year. Gotta get out and enjoy it!

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