Monday, April 19, 2010

Shed Before & After

This is a photo of our old shed and outhouse from last summer.

This is a picture of our old shed from last fall, after we started to repair and replace the deteriorating doors, trim, and missing siding boards.

 We gave Gavin a paintbrush and look what happened...


Nice work, Gavin!

Just kidding! We actually had a lot of help and were amazed and so grateful at how long and hard people worked on our shed! Cliff spent all day Friday priming the shed and on Saturday, my parents came out, my friend Carrie, my brother Dan and my niece Dana, my sisters Liane, Joanne, and Carrie and my nephew Nathan all helped us with the painting! Gavin managed to paint himself a little and did stick his hand right into the paint can. He also painted the dirt a bit with the paintbrush, so his painting duty was short-lived! I can tell you I don't want to paint the shed again any time soon. I spent way more time up on a ladder with my arm reaching high above my head than I would like to!  It was a long day and a lot of work, but it really is a huge improvement!  

The shed looks great! We did eventually get all of the painting supplies cleaned up, but I don't have a picture of the shed afer that! In the last week and a half the lawn has really greened up and the yard is beginning to look better! One project at a time! 

Thanks for all the help painters!!


april said...

You had a painting party and didn't invite me??

Erin J said...

Oh no! I forgot you LOVE to paint! Just wait, I have no doubt that I'll have more painting projects coming up! We're talking about trying to start on a couple of rooms in our basement next winter!

kristinrose24 said...

The shed turned out great. Wish I was there to help! I need a home improvement fix!