Monday, April 5, 2010


When Gavin gets tired, he gets pretty clumsy. He trips over his own feet, he walks into things, he loses his balance, and he has complete 'marshmallow meltdowns', as Cliff calls them, over the simplest little bumps in his road. The time of day right before bedtime is the time I wish more than anything that I had an extra pair of hands. We still give Gavin a bottle before bed and when he starts getting tired, you need one set of hands to make the bottle and another set just to protect him from his own clumsiness. If he's tired and hungry, you might as well throw in the towel! Tired and hungry means lots of tears and when a little guy at table-top height is crying and hanging on your legs and falling down, he's inevitably going to bump his head. Or as he says "bop" his head. Often he bumps his head or his ear on a cupboard handle while he's trying to climb our legs as we mix up his bottle. Sometimes he just sits down and sobs, laying his head down on the floor. Two weeks ago, he was actually "playing" with Drake at this time of evening, while I mixed up his bottle, and he turned away from Drake and right into the corner of the table! Usually when he gets hurt, he says "Ow" or sometimes "Outs". This time it was end-of-the-world teary eyed crying. He had blood running down through his eye, afterall.

Of course he cried, and of course I didn't panic. Of course it bled, and of course, he didn't want ice on it. We had to distract him with his bottle while we gently tried patting it with a cold, wet, soft paper towel. We checked it out and ensured that it was his eyelid that was injured and not his eyeball and thankfully it was just his lid. He only cried for about a minute or two. Tough little guy. These pictures are from the day after it happened. He had a bit of a "black eye" for a few days and a scab there for a little over a week. Amazingly, two weeks later, he looks absolutely perfect again! Not that he wasn't perfect with his battle scar!

If a boy gets his first battle scar while playing with his dog, that's not so bad, right? He's a tough little peanut!

Oh, and speaking of peanuts... don't mind the peanut butter & jelly face in the pictures! He doesn't like us to cut his food up anymore, so that was a whole open-faced peanut butter & jelly sandwich decorating his cheeks. Besides, it was bath night!


Dreams and Designs said...

Ahhh! Poor little guy, look like a doozie!!!! He's too cute for his own good!!! :)

jeanne said...

ooohhh, Gavin with an owie is too sad. He is such a cutie, though, even with his injury. Hope he heals up super quick. :) J