Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Teeth

First, I must tell you. I do realize that when Gavin started crawling and when he started walking, I never posted it. I took video to share with you. Lots of it. But I can't seem to get video to upload to this blog. I tried linking to YouTube, but I'm not super enthusiastic about having videos of my family and my home out on the world's biggest online video library for everyone to see. I realize my blog is technically public, but I think I have a pretty good idea of who reads it and I think that no one who doesn't know me or a member of my family is really interested in my blog. But video... that's different. You start browsing and you end up finding that you'll watch anything.

So, I do have video of Gavin learning to walk. But I don't know how to share it with you. I did try Flickr once and that worked, but I think it took close to 30 hours for the 2-minute video to upload from my computer on to Flickr. Perhaps I need a faster connection. Or, ooh.... a new computer??? : )

So, although I have not shared video of all of Gavin's major milestones, I think I've done an okay job of reporting on them. I intend to keep it up.

This, my friends, is why I feel inclined to tell you... I've spotted two new teeth and I think there are more! He has four very visible top front teeth and four very visible bottom front teeth, and we've suspected for a while that he was getting molars, but just tonight, as the three of us were laying on the bedroom floor playing around, I got a view of Gavin's mouth that I've maybe never had before and I saw two molars on the bottom left side! I suspect there are probably two more on the bottom right and maybe even some on the top.

I've tried to look multiple times. I've had him say "Aaaahhh" and shined a flashlight in his mouth, but his tongue is always in the way. But tonight, as his Daddy tickled him and he threw his head back and giggled and I lay on the floor above his head, I spotted those two teeth. So now I know how to see them. Lay on floor above his head and have someone tickle him until he throws his head back, opens wide, and giggles with that deep, uncontrollable, gutteral giggle of a toddler.

Today, it's teeth! Maybe next he'll grow hair!

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