Friday, January 8, 2010

Bird, Ball, Drake

Tickle (ticka ticka ticka ticka)

Dad (dad, dadadada)

Mama (mamamamama)

Drake (deck)

Jo (jo)

Birds (buz)

Hot (hot)

All Done (ah-dun)

Ball (bow)

Diaper (depends on which time he said it!)

These are the words Gavin can say (or has said). Some words seem to have come and gone. For example, one day about a week ago on the way to daycare, I told Gavin he was going to Jo's. He clearly repeated after me, "Jo's?". He said "Jo" and "Jo's" the whole way to her house, but hasn't repeated it since then. We're sure he said Christmas several times as well while pointing to our Christmas tree, but we can't get him to say it on cue or to repeat it. We also think he has said Grandpa, but again, we're not positive. He's a learning machine! He usually understands the gist of what we're saying when we talk to him, even though he doesn't always acknowledge it.

He's a little chatterbox. It doesn't matter that we don't know what he is saying, he can talk non-stop for an hour. If you hand him a telephone, he will hold it up to his ear and begin chattering away, complete with facial expressions... as long as there is no one on the other end talking. If there is, he just sits quietly and looks at the phone.

I wonder what his next word will be!?!?

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kristinrose24 said...

Hey! I already left a comment, and it's not here!

I bet his next word will be "Auntie Kristin." hehe.