Monday, November 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day for Autumn Harvest

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL fall day. The kind of day we've been waiting for. It's been cold and rainy and dreary for so many days. We wished for a day like this. A day when the farmers in our area could get back out in the fields and harvest the rest of the corn and soybeans. A day when we could do some yard clean-up, bring in the hummingbird feeders and bird baths before they freeze solid, fill the birdfeeders with thistle seed, safflower seed, and black oil sunflowers for the winter, plug in the birdbath heater to keep one fresh water source for all of our feathered friends through the cold winter months. This was that day. It was one of those late autumn days when you could feel the sun warm your back, while your nose and cheeks turn pink from the chilly air. Gavin and I spent a couple of hours out in the yard while Cliff was out in the fields with his parents, finally getting some of the corn out. Gavin loved the opportunity to crawl around the yard and explore a little. He had been cooped up in the house for too many rainy, cold days. If this was the last beautiful, sunny fall afternoon we have, I'm happy with the way we spent it.

The END.
Hee hee

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