Friday, September 18, 2009

Sad Face

Doesn't this face just make your heart break? This sad, lonely, afraid, heartbroken, terrified, neglected child just pulls at your heart strings, doesn't he? His teary-eyed face makes you want to rescue him from all of his troubles and love him and hold him and shelter him from everything that is hurting him, doesn't it?

Poor thing - seems that being gently lifted from the gravel driveway, where he was trying to eat rocks, and carefully set back down in the soft, lush, grassy lawn out of harm's way where there are no rocks to choke on or bruise your knees on was just too much devastation for him to handle. Such tragedy. Such a rough life. No gravel to put in his mouth. Just soft, green grass to crawl around in. Poor, poor, baby. It's okay, we won't let that grass get you.
Gavin actually loves grass. He loves it. He loves to eat it, crawl on it, feel it with his fingers and toes, pull it out of the ground, walk on it, look at it... he loves it. He does. He just loves eating gravel more!


Renee said...

Poor Baby!

rutzie said...

He's such a cutie pie.