Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bigger Than Me

Last year, we planted sunflowers on the end of the shed. They got really tall - about 10' high - but the actual flowers themselves weren't all that big around. This year, we had one lone sunflower come up from last year's seed (I may have inadvertantly weeded out others). It didn't get all that tall, but look at the size of the flower. The petals had all fallen off by the time I took these photos. The center of the flower alone is twice the size of Cliff's head and about four times the size of Gavin's little (big, actually) head.

The weight of the flower head has left it hanging low now, and the birds are already snacking on the tender seeds. It will be a welcome treat for them this winter. We planted the same sunflowers this year as we did last year and again, none of them are this big. Maybe if they re-seed themselves again we'll have more huge sunflowers next year.

Gavin thought this one was fascinating! We kinda do too. :)

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