Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Fox and the... Wolf?

I was cleaning up some photo files the other night and I came across these fun pictures from last fall. It was a cool early fall evening and I had just picked up these adorable animal cowls. 

I had been eyeing these cowls on Etsy, but they were each $40-$60 depending on the seller and the quality, and as cute as they were, I just couldn't justify buying them and I certainly couldn't knit them myself. Then one day out of the blue I saw a posting on Facebook for these two cowls for $10 each just a couple of miles from my house. It turned out that this woman ordered them, but they were way too big for her kids and she had hoped they could wear them as their winter hats. This worked out perfectly for me, because although they are a titch too big for my kids too, we just wanted them for fun, for dress-up and imaginative play. 

The moment the kids saw these in the back of my car, I was so glad I found them and for such a great deal! They had so much fun with them and I LOVED capturing some photos of all the silliness! 

It's amazing what a little pretend-play and imagination can do! We love masks, costumes, ears, and other dress-up components at our house! Just a couple of weeks ago, Addi was wearing a Peacock mask all morning and when we left home to head for the lake for the afternoon, she asked me to wear it. I drove about 40 miles with a peacock mask on and I only got a few sideways glances, but boy did the kids think it was hilarious! What fun! 

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Big Sis said...

I'm so glad I get to read your writing again! I've really missed it!