Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life in 99 Pictures

Life via Instagram. Do you Instagram?

top row:  blanket fort in our living room, friends at our school's annual fundraiser event, my beautiful mom and dad with my kids.
middle row: our old man house-cat snuggled up on our bed with our "little" wandering tom-cat who had just been returned home after wandering off for a few days to visit neighbors, my girl playing with a mustache bookmark, swimming at the hotel pool with the kids and friends on a day off school
third row:  kiddos snuggling in my bed, a bit of Addi's funny personality coming out as she wear's Daddy's Captain Morgan hat, Addi pretending to ride a snowmobile at a friend's house.

top row:  (video of kids riding 4-wheeler in our yard), Gavin is NOT a fan of Sushi but kudos to him for trying it on Gavin and Mom date night, our little wanderer getting comfy back at home.
middle row: Coloring at Pizza Hut, Eskimo style while the kids played in the snow in our front yard, painting hot air balloons at Cheers Pablo paint & sip event to benefit teen mental wellness.
third row:  paint pallet at Cheers Pablo, Dad pulled the kids in a sled behind our ranger for a trip up to the woods to take down hunting blinds and stands, kids riding 4-wheeler around our yard.

top row:  the peaceful, quiet that embraces me in my parents living room on a gray day, my new fave wall-hanging - I bought it for a friend, but couldn't let it go, My girl.
middle row: My boy trying something new - weaving on a cardboard loom, zuppa toscana cooking on the stove, a hot cup of coffee in my new mug that my sweet little boy painted for me.
third row:  Gavin and a friend building with Legos on a Lego Monday at our library, beautiful snow in our front yard, Me and my boy off on a winter camping adventure at Beaver Valley Camp.

top row:  Cliff and Gavin skiing at Welch Village, Gavin struggling through a LONG family hike at Kinnickinnic State Park, a beautiful winter day at the lakehouse.
middle row: My momma and me at the Sound of Music at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul, Our Christmas tree all dressed up, Choosing our Christmas Tree before the snow came!
third row:  The kids discovering their annual ornaments on Cliff's parents' Christmas Tree, Snuggling with my girl while she avoids nap at all costs, Superman Ice Cream following lunch at the South Fork Cafe.

top row:  A little archery practice in our shed this winter, I walked into Addi's bedroom to see this little set-up - apparently the animals were hungry and the girl (doll) was their lunch, Gavin made about 30 of these drawings of Vikings and they're nearly identical.
middle row: The Lincoln Log house that we build in Gavin's room, Family movie night - "Home", Gavin and his buddy watching "Into the Woods" at the Phipps Center for the Arts.
third row: My sister and I at dinner before "Into the Woods" at the Phipps Center for the Arts, Yum - that's all, Watching Annie with Gavin for his first time!

top row:  My boy reading to me - just learning, Snickers, Crocheting while wearing a Lumberjack Halloween costume.
middle row: My and Gavin's Jack-o-lanterns, Carving our pumpkins while dressed like a Lumberjack, CandyLand and the Minnesota Children's Museum with friends.
third row: Addi hiding under her bed for the fourth time in a row during one game of hide and seek, Watching Stella and Sam while home sick, leaf-printing with tempera paints.

top row:  Painting, Grandma stopped at our house to throw in a load of laundry on her way out to the field in her tractor, Corn harvest.
middle row: All smiles in the fall leaves, matching bed-head, when you pull out your planner at work and snow white falls out.
third row: Fall picnic in the soybean field while Dad takes a quick break from combining, it's scarf weather!, Cliff left this note with juice pouches for the kids and beer for me when he went on a hunting trip in Oregon.

top row:  My beautiful niece playing in the sandbox while we visited them in St. Louis, Gavin and a Chicken riding around my sister's yard on the electric gator, Addi playing in the sandbox at my sister's house.
middle row: Addi at my sister's house, a fun day on the Kinnickinnic River at Glen Park with friends, handsome guy at Glen Park.
third row: Gavin, A beautiful patina on a snail shell found while on a "treasure hunt" walk at the lakehouse, Addi playing on the beach at the lakehouse.

Top row: Fishing at the Lakehouse, a bounty of beautiful tomatoes from our garden, I love our neighbor's picturesque shed.
Middle row: Morning snuggles with Addi and her dolly, our college rodeo with friends, Addi balancing on a post at Glen Park
Bottom Row: Fun with my girl at Glen Park, quick picnic-style dinner next to the Granary while Dad takes a break from washing the combine, Yummy breakfast of fried egg with avocado, roasted garden tomatoes, and fresh basil
Top Row: A few minutes of "me" time on my patio with some pasta, wine, and a sunset, Getting Gavin off the bus on his first day of school (he stayed home sick on the actual first day), obligatory 1st Day of School photo before the fever and throwing up started.
Middle Row: Lunch out with friends at the Dish and the Spoon on school orientation day, my new "queen bee" t-shirt was a thoughtful gift from a good friend, Girls weekend with friends at the lakehouse.
Bottom Row: The kids' beach "treasures", girlfriends out for a sunset pontoon ride, my kids sorting out their precious beach finds. 

Top row: exploring the St. Croix River at Kinnickinnic State Park with our friends who graciously watched my kids for the day, Early morning silly faces in bed with Addi, Picking raspberries at Cliff's uncle's farm.
Middle row: picking raspberries, YUM, Golden raspberries.
Bottom Row: One of many slugs found while "creature hunting" for insects under rocks and logs, My nephew, my friend's son, and Addi looking for insects, Gavin and Addi with friend Dayton at the hotel pool on a summer day.

The 99 photos above represent the last six months for my family. an abbreviated format. I can get lost in memories just scrolling through these 99 photos. 

I love InstaGram.

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Kristin said...

I LOVE this! I was going to ask you how your hot air balloon painting class turned out. Did you enjoy it? I love the pic of Drake getting Gavin on or off the bus. It's a classic. And where was the little red barn? (It's the pic next to the tomatoes.) This reminds how few pictures I have been taking lately. :(