Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hi. I'm Erin and I love to blog take photos! I take a lot of photos and I used to have a lot to say, share, inquire about, express, etc. on this blog, but more and more lately I feel like I don't have much to say. Is it because the blog world has become so overwhelming and it seems EVERYONE is blogging? Is it because I'm busier and more tired than I've ever been before? Probably all of the above. Do I feel like I've written this very same post several times over the last couple of years? Yes, yes it does! I'm not willing to shut down my blog, I do like to share, I like to use the blog as a sort of journal. I like to have a place to share photos and say a little about what is going on in our life. However, it has felt more like an overdue task on the to-do list than a happy, healthy hobby. This, along with organizing my photos and scrapbooking too! I used to love to do those things when I felt like I had the time, but these days are just crazy days and we're in survival mode. It's not a bad thing at all! Life is good, really good. It's just taking every ounce of time and energy that we have... in a good way. We're rocking kids with colds and flu, we're soothing upset tummies and scaring away the boogie man (or the zookeeper's wife in "Goodnight Gorilla"), we're picking up Legos and doll clothes, and sketch pads and crayons every 15 minutes, we're slicing apples and then pears instead because what they really wanted was pears, even though they said apples, we're making macaroni and cheese along with soup because the little one won't eat the soup and she'll ALWAYS eat macaroni and cheese. We're making bedtime snack, reading books, brushing little teeth, and then getting more snack, extra hugs, more snuggles, one more drink of water, and then falling into our own bed completely wiped out (at only 10:00). This is just how it is right now and as crazy as it is and as focused as we are on parenting and working and just getting through each day, it is really, really good. Our families are overall healthy. No one is needing heart surgery or new pacemakers or chemotherapy. Our prayers are full of thanks and gratitude for all that we have and ask only for our tomorrows to be just as good, for God to continue to care for and protect our families, friends and those we love and especially those who have no one to love and care for them. I'm going to try to blog a little more, because I like to, because I want to share and record what this crazy life is like. Hope you stick around!!!


Alli said...

OH my word! I LOVE this post! I love that it's real life, the real you, real thoughts! Just like blogging should be!

Big Sis said...

I'll always be around. I love to read what you write. Your posts are honest and realistic and I know how busy life gets! Remember, this blog is for you, and we get the benefit of going along for the ride.