Monday, April 14, 2014

Sweet and Sticky Spring Time: Ice Cream and Maple Syrup

It's spring time! Yes, winter coat and all! The sun is out, so even though it's not quite warm enough to go sans coats, we had to stop for ice cream cones the other night on our way home from school, work, and daycare. Whenever I find myself wishing for a new car, I have to remind myself that if I had a new car, I wouldn't buy my one-year-old an ice cream cone to eat on the way home from daycare. Then I decide I'm okay with my messy, dirty old car. If it means my kids can enjoy their sticky, drippy, ice cream cones without me stressing about getting the car dirty, I'll keep the old car. For now. As soon as we got home, I scooped her out of the car and let her drip ice cream in the yard instead. She may or may not have shared a little with our big furry friend Drake.
Along with ice cream, spring brings maple syrup. Cliff has been busy collecting sap for a few weeks and finally has it all cooked!


The kids camped out in their little seats (Gavin in his lawn chair and Addi in her sled) and watched the sap cook. It was a chilly day, but they were fairly content just to be outside.

Cliff's Dad helped cut up the pallets that we were using for firewood and kept Cliff company while the sap cooked down.



Mmmm... can't wait for pancakes, waffles, sausages... and ice cream!


Karen Gresback said...

What a fun family activity that you get to enjoy the rest of the year.....the pride the kids must feel when they pour that syrup on their pancakes knowing all the time and energy you all put into the entire process pays off....Love the pictures.

Karen Gresback said...

Love the pictures