Wednesday, February 19, 2014

These winter days...

I don't need to tell you that this winter is unusually cold and snowy. We have yet to have a great big snow storm where we get 18"-24" of snow at once, but I think we have had 3"-5" snowfalls at least weekly this winter! Have I mentioned that I love snow? 
Stained glass windows in our living room after a particularly pretty, sticky, snowfall. Big, beautiful, sticky flakes clinging to everything!

Sweet and helpful big brother gives babygirl rides across the field in her sled... until the snow gets too deep for him to walk. Then she's on her own.  :)  They're pretty good together.  

...and if we're being real here...   occasionally this happens. But we scooped her right back up and straightened her out and she was no worse for wear! (he may have had some motivation to get her out there safely... we were heading out to the middle of the field to launch a rocket he'd been working on building! What an exciting day. 

It was cold, and all that fresh air and exercise makes a girl a bit drowsy...

Poor girl couldn't even make it through lunch. She fell asleep in her high chair for the first time ever and didn't even wake up when I washed her up and unbuckled her to carry her to bed. So, so tired. 

Then I had THIS all to myself. This clean and quiet livingroom full of warm afternoon sunshine streaming through the windows!

The sun going down over the farm at the end of our road is always so magnificent!

 ...and the neighbor's...  I just love his white fence and white barn and white silo. I love it when this little pasture is dotted with grazing cattle. So pretty with the evening sun behind it.

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