Wednesday, February 5, 2014


We're doing our best to battle cabin fever this winter as the temps have  been stalling around -10* to -15* for several weeks now. Most days it's getting up around 10* by mid-afternoon, but school has been closed four or five days this winter due to dangerous windchills and highs only getting up to -13.

We have finally seen a few days that were warm enough to go play outside. This is the one spot in our yard where the kids can actually walk right now. The wind whips around this southwest corner of the house, clearing away the snow, leaving a nice place to stand (or play). In many parts of our yard, Addison would be over her head in snow!

The snow is actually quite nice, since I don't have a long drive to work and I have a husband with a new Bobcat skid loader who is excited to clear the driveways out (for now). 
I love the snow. I'm ready for spring time already, but I do love the snow. 

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Kristin said...

I can't imagine such a long, cold winter cooped up with the kids. They look like they're having fun in the snow. :)