Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life in Pictures...

This girl has my heart.

So does this boy.

This crazy silly boy.
This boy who wants to be in his swimwear any time the temp reaches 65 degrees or warmer. Yesterday it was 71. I came home from work to find him in his swimwear, soaking wet from playing with the hose, and huddled up in his towel in the sunshine on the patio, trying to warm up.
Crazy kid.

and this guy? He's pretty cool too. I like him most of the time, but I love him every second.

(I can't figure out why this photo loads sideways or how to correct it!)

I love the flowers in my yard, but I sometimes need some of that color in the house too. These pretty purple irises and yellow sunflowers are brightening my patio right now. I can see them from the dining room table and can really enjoy them while sitting outside soaking in the overdue summery weather!

(again with the photo orientation! It's correct in my files, but when I load it here, the program rotates it)

Last night after a long day for both me and Cliff, we poured some wine and went outside to enjoy the breathtaking orange and purple sunset from our patio. The summer night air was perfect. Cliff had just come home from a 40-hour stint keeping watch over his Dad in the hospital (heart bypass surgery) and was exhausted both physically and emotionally. We got the kids into bed and took some time to connect with eachother and ourselves in the peace and serenity of a warm summer evening. The sun was down, but the sky was still filled with yellow, orange, and purple light. The sky was the exact colors of the flowers I had out on the table. We finished off the Rhubarb Wine with some Rhubarb Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream. It was the perfect way to unwind.

This is our sweet, sweet dog Drake. He loves our kids as if they are his own, and I guess in a way they sort of are. He isn't quick or feisty or particularly brave. He still runs and plays like a puppy and he is six years old already. He is the sweetest, kindest soul.

This is our (indoor) cat Moses. He's not allowed outside. See how well he follows the rules? I am 100% sure he would not survive the coyotes, raccoons, possums, or wild cats if he were an outside cat - he just isn't smart enough and he's fat and slow. Although, he has accidentally spent several nights outside over the last year as he is getting more and more brave (stupid) when the door opens and dashes outside nearly every time. He is still alive. Lucky. I wonder how many lives he has left...

This is Stripes. She is (NOT OUR) outdoor cat. She lives in our garage with her four children and their stepfather Drake the dog (see above). Stripes came to live with us nearly a year ago as a kitten. It was never our intention for her to stay, but she did. She had plans. She had plans to have her babies on Cliff's boots on the rug in our garage. Cliff thinks that Drake believes he's the kitten's father. I thought that was a crazy notion since clearly Drake is smart enough to know he is a dog and they are cats. After watching him with them yesterday, I'm beginning to think Cliff is right. 

Love birds?

Drake keeps the kittens in the basket when they try climbing out. Pretty darn cute. He's a good stepdad. Of course, it's possible that he's actually just waiting for one to escape, so he can eat it...   

I think this little one is confused. She's hungry. Poor little kitten. I can practically see Drake rolling his eyes. What a sweet guy.

My chartreuse bleeding heart. Love it.

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