Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Stripes... Four and Counting

Remember Stripes? She was the little barn cat that wandered her way down the road late last summer and ended up sticking around?

Well, that pretty little girl just multiplied... or rather she is still multiplying as I type. Four little babies and counting.... although I HOPE she is done now.

Yes, she pretty much lives in our garage and has since she showed up last summer. We knew she was pregnant a few weeks ago and Cliff confirmed it last week when he picked her up and could feel pawing inside her belly.

She just birthed four kittens on top of Cliff's work boots right at the base of our garage steps, next to our dog Drake's food and water dishes.

We'll keep ya updated!

Want a kitten? In six weeks they'll be up for grabs! (or rather snuggles and cuddles!)


Kat said...

OH NO!!!! Your house is off limits until those fury little things are gone. Otherwise I'll end up with another kitten - and that never ends well for me.

Erin J said...

They're REALLY cute and fuzzy Katie!